Sea of Orange

Homecoming at my alma mater is a huge deal. It is so much fun! All the sororites and fraternities pair up and create these huge house decs:
It takes weeks and weeks of preparation and pomping. Pomping is stuffing pomps (essentially sqaures of tissue papers, but they are sold pre-packaged and are thicker than tissue paper.) into chicken wire. I like homecoming a lot more now that I'm not required to do so many hours of pomping each week. :)
The Friday night before the game there is a huge event called Walkarounds, where everyone walks around (obvs) and looks at all the house decs. We didn't go to walkarounds this year, but I wanted you all to see pictures of my sororities house dec.
I borrowed these pictures from fb.

They did such a good job. I loved it!

AXO placed 2nd overall in the Homecoming competition. yay!

The best part about Homecoming is seeing friends that I haven't seen in a long time!

I can't celebrate anything without this girl. Thankfully, she only lives 10 minutes from me.
Love me some Chesley.

I was SO excited to see Laura! (sorority sister, one of my bridesmaids, bff, etc.) She lives about 5 hours from me. I went to the game with her. We had so much fun.

Joy just happened to be sitting about 7 rows below Laura and I and we randomly saw each other. (She was also one of my bridesmaids and one of the first friends I made at OSU.)

Joy and I visited these girls during halftime. So happy to see them all!

I ran into a ton of other friends that were in town for Homecoming.
It is the best game of the season for that very reason.

The game itself didn't start until 8 PM! It made for a very, very late night. Ty and I had to drive home after the game. We left early and still didn't get home until 12:30ish.

Speaking of Ty, he is practicing his knot skills for his surgery rotation on my toes. It is tickling me and I'm about to lovingly kick him in his face to make him stop.
{I was just informed that "knot skills"=suturing.}


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