NBA & old friends

When I was in college I had an internship with the New Orleans Hornets. They were displaced in OK after hurricane katrina. It was the best internship ever! I met some amazing people. When you work in the NBA you spend a lot of time with your coworkers and you get to be quite close to them.

My old boss at the Hornets took a job with the Thunder. He got tickets for me and another girl that I interned with, Kasey. She and I went to dinner before the game and got caught up on each others lives.
This collage is for Chesley.

When I interned for the Hornets I would get free tickets. Chesley came to a few games and loved Air Hugo. When Air Rumble came out I immediately thought of her.

Kasey and I after the game.

We hung around after the game to see Jason and some other people that I worked with that now work for the Thunder. It was so weird to be on the court and behind the scenes again. I saw all the players getting scanned (for guns, metals, bombs??) before they boarded the bus home. I met a lot of the Thunder staff. It made me miss the NBA. {But not the long work hours.} It is such an incredible and fun atmosphere. There is so much excitement and adrenaline in the air.

My old boss, Jason

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