The tempatures have been unusually chilly for this time of the year. I got to wear a sweater and boots Friday night. I was so excited.

The cowl neck on that sweater pulls up into a hood. You know, in case you get really cold or something. ??? I tried to take a picture of it as a hood, but Ty walked in and laughed at me so I gave up.

I interviewed for a position within my company on Friday afternoon at 4:30. Isn't that an awful time?? I think it went well, but we shall see. I'm so thankful for those people who were thinking of me and praying for me. I didn't get a nervous, shaky voice once and I didn't sweat during the interview. (Usually, when I get nervous I sweat like crazy. I did sweat before the interview, but not during. TMI, maybe. But it was completely a God thing.)

Ty asked me what I wanted to do Friday evening and I told him to take me to dinner. He chose Steak and Shake. classy.

We shared one of these.

My brother would be so proud of Nuts. He is finally interested in chasing the light from a laser pointer. My brother's and sister's dogs both go crazy chasing the light at my parents house. Nuts is never interested in playing that game. Ty bought a pen light to use on his rotations and there is a laser pointer on one end. He got it out the other night and Nuts started going crazy.

Ty has also been sneaking around the corner and shining the light on me to see if I will notice. He thinks he is so funny.

The rest of my weekend:
*I spent Saturday working on a project that is almost complete and I will be sharing pics soon.
*Chesley came over and watched the OSU game with us. They won. Go pokes!
*Our neighbors invited us over for a cook out Saturday evening.
*Ty worked on a presentation Saturday night and I went to Chesley's to watch Grey's.
*I bought a pumpkin and a mum today. Love the colors.

*I currently have a mediterranean pot roast in the crock pot and chocolate chip cookies in the oven.
*I should be in my room organizing my closet and packing up my summer clothes, but instead I am blogging and perusing the internet. I need a professional organizer to come help me! Any takers??

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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