You might call me crazy

First of all I hate it when I skip blogging during the week. It means I don't get any e-mails alerting me of a new comment. It makes my day very boring! Ya'lls comments about Nuts were cracking me up.
Second of all I am hooked on a new book series. Have you heard of the t.v. series True Blood? It airs on HBO. We don't get HBO, so I have never seen it. But I have heard a lot about the books that the show is based on from Mrs. Jetplane and Pink Sass. I decided to buy the first book in the series the other day at Wal-Mart. I became hooked. I love book series. I love getting immersed in the lives of the characters and it not ending after one book. (There are 9 books so far in this series.) I bought the first few in the series and then decided to check out a few from the library. As always there were already holds on several of the books, so the last one I checked out was the large print edition. It was hilariously big font. My parents need to look into large print books. (love you guys!)
I'm not quite sure I like them as much as the Twilight series, but that is probably just because I read the Twilight series first. I will be renting the first season of the show soon.
I should tell you all that I'm not some crazy girl that is obsessed with vampires and the supernatural world. Well, actually I do think about vampires and werewolves a lot. We have a few wooden stakes in the garage by my car. Every time I see them I think, "If a vampire was to attack me right now I could just grab that stake and kill him." (In these books you can kill a vampire with a wooden stake.) I might have some issues!
But, really I didn't used to like things like this. In fact I don't really enjoy Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings, but for some reason I like vampires. :)
If you like vampires you might look into the Sookie Stackhouse series. You can find the order of the books here.
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