My Nutter Butters

Yesterday was Nuts' birthday. And yes we remembered it and told him Happy Birthday! Okay, maybe it's more me than Ty. :) I did resist the temptation to buy him a birthday gift though. We went on a birthday walk instead. Although it was definitely a lot more stopping, sniffing and marking his territory than walking.

I joke that Ty and I wouldn't have stayed married this long (2 years) if it wasn't for Nuts. Being married to a med student can be lonely and having Nuts around has helped me deal with that. I talk to him more than I care to admit. And Ty and I talk for him more than either of us would like to admit. Lately, "Nuts" has taken on a spanish accent. It's quite hilarious. I think you just have to be there to find it funny.

One day we will have children and have other things to talk about, but for now I am very content with my little family--my boys.
My favorite recent picture of Nuts.
aaaaaw, so little!

Why do dogs always have creepy eyes in pictures? How do I prevent this??


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