Weekend Recap

This was a busy weekend. Ty's parents came to visit us on Friday night. They took us out to dinner, we visited the Rose Garden, and they bought us a bird feeder for our back yard. We have already spotted some beautiful birds. I got some bad news Friday night, our family dog Lucy passed away. It was very sad and our house won't be the same without her.

Friday night we gave Ty's mom her Mother's Day gift: an address stamp from Sweet Papery. I discovered these on etsy and then visited her website. Sweet Papery did a great job on the stamp. This is the design we ordered.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to head to Ty's sister's graduation. It was so nice to see his family. I hadn't seen them since Christmas. All the little kiddos are growing up so fast. There was so much going on that I didn't take any pictures. After that celebration we drove an hour back to our house. Ty headed to the school to study for boards and I headed to Chesley's reception.

Kelsey, Chesley and I

Saturday started out cold and rainy but turned out to be a gorgeous day. I spent several hours on the patio with Chesley's family. I even got a little pink, although it doesn't take much sun for me to get burnt. :)

Sunday marked day 2 of the 30 Day Shred video--I am SORE! Jillian is intense! I don't want to ever do another push up again. I can barely do one (girl style). I also helped Chesley move a car load into her new house. And I wasted waaaaaayy too much time searching for a new purse on the internet. I returned the one I bought from J.Crew--it was cute, but not quite what I was wanting.

Now it's time for another work week...

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