weekend recap

These are my latest obsession. They are soooo good and addicting.
Ty and I had such a great, relaxing weekend. The weather was amazing and we definitely took advantage of it. I had planned a huge event that took place on Friday and it was so nice to be able to relax after it was over. I am taking Monday off to help me recover. :) Although, I'm sure I will be answering a few e-mails just to stay caught up.

I am in a weird work place right now. I am still doing two jobs and training my new boss (all on a measly salary). I love what I do, but feel overwhelmed in terms of my position and the amount of work. It isn't really proportioned and it can be frustrating. I can tell my blogging juices are not flowing lately and work is one of the big reasons. I figure you all don't want to listen to my work frustrations every day and I don't want to put them all over the interwebs.

I have lunch plans tomorrow with my city bloggy girls and I can't wait to catch up with them all!
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