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My favorite mascara for the last three years has been Dior Blackout.

This little tube can get quite pricey for mascara and I have randomly bought drug store brand mascaras over the years to see if I can find anything comparable. I never have any luck and always go back to it. The last few times I have bought it I felt like they have changed the formula slightly. So, my quest for a great drug store brand began again.

Full N' Soft was my favorite mascara in high school and college. It still is a great mascara, but I feel like it doesn't have enough mascara on the brush and I never get my lashes as full or as dark as I do with Dior Blackout.

I have probably tried six or seven different mascaras over the past 4 months. This last mascara spree was a success. First of all, I had a coupon at Ulta and the Maybelline mascaras were buy two, get one free. Second of all, I found the ONE.

Here is my new favorite: Maybelline XXL Pro 24 hr. Bold.

I don't usually like having too layer two different formulas, but this one is great.

And it is a savings of almost $16 compared to Dior Blackout.

I had planned on taking picture of my lashes with each different formula on, but laziness won out. This was my runner up.

I love big wands, but I do have a problem with getting black specks all over my freshly shadowed eye lid. The brush may be a little too big.

Wow, my eyes look tired. Ignore them and just look at the lashes.

I did try mascaras that weren't the Maybelline brand, but they were no bueno. I guess I am drawn to them due to my old fave, Full N Soft.

What is your favorite mascara?

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