perfect spring afternoon

Today reminded me of my college days, when the sun was shining and you grabbed your best friends and went to Boomer Lake to walk around. Ah, the good ol' days.

Today was just like that except Chesley and I were no longer in our college town, but our big grown-up city. I loaded Nuts up in the car, picked up Ches and headed to a park. The sun was shining and the trees and flowers are slowly starting to bloom.

This is the park we visited, but this picture is from last year in late April.

After a good walk in the park we headed to a Queenies for dinner. Nuts did such a good job sitting outside with us while we ate. He received a ton of attention and just loved it.

Today reminded of how much I love my city. There are parks everywhere, great little, local eateries and friendly people. I feel the winter blues melting away.
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