snowy weekend

Our church hosts an Easter egg hunt every year and it is always a big event. Our church has a lot of involvement with a low-income elementary school in the neighborhood and a lot of those children come. Our Sunday school class always distributes fliers in the surrounding neighborhoods. We do it pretty early in the morning, so we just hang them on doorknobs. Of course the freezing rain and sleet started before we headed to the church, but we braved the elements.

Ty wanted to stop at QT for coffee and donuts before we got there, so that meant no time for make-up. See the picture above: best donut holes ever. Of course, we should have known there would be donuts at the church. Is any early morning church event complete without them??

Can you spot me in this picture?
By the time we were done it was snowing big flakes. I convinced Ty that we needed to make a Target run. We rented The Hurt Locker and The Couples Retreat and prepared for a day stuck inside. The roads didn't get that bad, so while we tried to stay off of them, it was nice to get out for a few errands on Sunday. Hopefully, this is the only freeze of the season. We are ready to plant some flowers, trees, bushes, etc.
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