Ice Storm 2010

We had been hearing about this big storm that was going to hit all week. Well, it is finally here.
I became sick with a cold on Wednesday and called in sick yesterday. Our school/work closed on Thursday at noon and is closed today. It is not much fun to be sick while work is closed. :(

At least we still have power! My parents and Ty's parents are in the complete opposite corner of the state and are out of power. Ty's mom has been sending us pictures of their fallen trees. It is so sad and reminds me of our 2007 ice storm.
Pics from my MIL

Whenever I am stuck at home everything revolves around food. I made Megan's mom's potato soup yesterday. Yummy! We ordered the new Domino's Pizza for dinner and Ty braved the roads to go pick it up. His jeep handles really well on the ice and it wasn't too bad out there at this time. It was good pizza! The crust tastes just like breadsticks. Of course, I have consumed my weight in chocolate chip cookies and girl scout cookies.

I am obviously not one of those people who lose their appetite when they are sick.
I have a busy schedule today of reading the Feb. issue of Southern Living, watching Julie&Julia, painting my nails, researching vacation spots. It is a rough life. Now the power lines better cooperate!

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