The burdens of a medical student

Medical students are typically given a white coat when they start medical school. It is always a big deal and students start out wanting to keep it pristine. In the first and second years they usually only wear it on special occasions, like when they go to Washington.

In the 3rd & 4th year of medical school it is worn daily. They are no longer sitting in the classroom, but are out on rotations. Ty has two white coats, so he can wash one and wear one; they get pretty dirty. The coat helps distinguish them as student doctors. {Sidenote: students' coats are always short. Once you become a doctor you can get a long one. :)} But I think the main point of the coats is to carry around all of their stuff. They get HEAVY.

Ty emptied his pockets, so he could wash his coat. Look at all of this stuff: Three books, scissors, several articles, hospital papers, stethoscope, pens, highlighters, snacks, tape, syringes, etc.
IMG_5613Align CenterHe carries around books and articles to read up on what is going to be done that day and to reference. Med students are constantly being asked questions, aka pimping, which I think is an awful term. :)

He needs snacks for energy--you know those sour treats have protein in them. haha.
See that silver pen...It lights up and blinks. I'm sure that helps him write all his soap notes. haha.

But seriously I don't think I could ever be a medical student. Not because I couldn't do the coursework*, but because I literally don't think I could bear all of that weight.

*There is really NO way I could handle the courses. I don't think I have that part of the brain.
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