I have a bunch of jumbled thoughts today, so bullet points it is.

  • tgif---my parents, sister and nephew are coming to visit this weekend. Get ready for lots of Mason pictures on Monday. :)
  • Is anyone else watching Outsourced? I think it is hilarious.

  • I bought a pair of Uggs this year. I realize they aren't the cutest boots, but my oh my are they cozy. I want to sleep in them. Seriously, I have to make myself take them off each night before I crawl into bed.
  • I wore my Uggs to the mall last night and instead of taking them off to try on clothes I left my jeggings and boots on and just pulled my pants completely down. A sales lady came to check on me and I needed a different size. I had to open the door and show her what I needed. (The door was from floor to ceiling.) She laughed at me or really more like with me. I was quite the site with a dress on and my pants pulled down to my calves while still wearing my boots.
  • I made Chicken and Dumplings Wednesday night and have been eating the leftovers. It is one of my favorite winter meals.
  • I went in to Gap last night looking for a Christmas present for my niece. OH MY GOODNESS!! All I can say is it is a very good thing that I don't have a boy and a girl at home. I would have bought the whole store.
A few screenshots from their website to show you what I mean.
Fullscreen capture 11192010 85802 AM
The sequin bow shirt, the tulle skirt, the chunky cardigan, the corsage tee, the poms on the beanie--ah, I love it all.

I LOVE patterned tights on girls. The whole outfit is adorable.
Fullscreen capture 11192010 85625 AM

I love everything!
Fullscreen capture 11192010 85612 AM
Gap doesn't show a lot of their clothes on models, so the boy pictures are lacking. But look how cute the two boys in the bottom picture look!
Can I take that little girl in the peacoat home with me??

  • Did I say TGIF already?
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