Hello Yellow

I used to hate the color yellow, but lately I have fallen in love with it. It is so bold and happy!

It all started with these wellies.
lucas boots
Aren't they adorable on Lucas? (Ty's nephew)

I found this coat on sale at Old Navy in San Francisco and couldn't pass it up.

While Ty and I were in Dallas I made him stop at Home Goods (love!) and I found these book ends to flank my cute books.

Chesley gave me these for my birthday. There is a chance of rain tomorrow and my fingers are crossed that it happens, so I can wear these!
I'm not sure they are appropriate attire since we are doing applicant interviews tomorrow. I love interview days, but I miss casual Fridays. They look like professional attire, right?!

I wrote this yesterday, but it didn't publish, hence all the past references. Tomorrow is actually today.
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