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I love being able to dress up for Halloween at work. We have an elementary school nearby that brings kids over to trick or treat in our building. It's so fun to see them all dressed up!
I borrowed this costume from my brother.

It was a big hit and it is so much fun to wear!

I dressed Nuts up, but it turns out his costume was way too small. Poor guy. I had to cut him out of the shirt. I got it on him, but I couldn't get it off. Dachshunds bodies are shaped so different from other dogs. I still snapped a picture.


He was a dach (doc) just like Ty. hahahaha.
Ty had no input into this costume and was not as amused as I was. :)

Sunday night I went to Chesley's to pass out candy to her trick-or-treaters.
halloween ches

One little girl asked her Dad what we were supposed to be. He told her we were a heart and if we were too far from each other our heart would break. Awwwww. This is very true and is why Chesley has to move with us if we move for Ty's residency. (Seriously.)

Mojito Maven hosted a Halloween contest to find the tackiest lawn decor. I submitted this:
halloween 1

It may not be the craziest thing submitted, but it has to be one of the creepiest! This house sits on a corner lot in my neighborhood. The creepy gargoyle's head moves, so when you turn the corner it looks like it is watching you. You can see in the picture below the head is facing a different direction than in the picture above.

Aren't yard inflatables supposed to be cute and corny?

I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend!

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