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I returned from a work trip in DC this afternoon and I'm definitely feeling the effects of being pregnant and traveling. It was a stressful week here at our house. Ty dropped his phone in the water and after trying to get it fixed he has resorted to using my old iPhone. Unfortunately, his computer crashed a couple of months ago taking all of his backed up iPhone data with it and we didn't realize that the phone data hadn't been recovered until this happened. Poor guy. An iPhone becomes a resident's life line and he has been a little lost. Ty's grandma passed away this week and her funeral was Saturday. I was in DC on business and unable to attend with him. We know she is in a better place, but it doesn't make things any less sad. Ty was supposed to work at the hospital all weekend, but luckily was able to get things moved around so he could be with his family.

After triple checking to make sure my phone was backed up I realized I had several pictures I had never blogged about.

  • I'm in love with my new orange wallet!

  • Before we found out what we were having my mom texted these two pictures of my nephews and they just made my heart melt. It made me want a little boy!


Waiting on the trash truck to drive by
  • I must be hormonal if dirt and trash trucks warm my heart!
  • A month ago I attended a baby shower to celebrate Whitney and her baby boy, Ezra. We had high tea and it was delicious! (I stole a couple of these pics from Whitney's blog.)

I loved the blue china!

My love language is gifts. I love to purchase something special for those I love, I love to see all the gifts being opened at showers, and I love to see what people purchase as gifts on blogs. I bought Ezra these paper suitcases from Paper Source. The top one contained a personalized burp cloth and bib, and the bottom one held a book for Ezra and big brother book for Levi.

  • I found a great seller on etsy that makes high quality burp cloths. They are thick and everything is sewn really well. I've used her a lot lately for gifts.
  • I feel like Spring has come and gone here, since we are experiencing 90 degree temps. We did enjoy seeing our tree bloom! I wish it could stay like that for months.

  • I may have a slight obsession with stripes for my boy!

I found these socks at Target the other day and couldn't resist!

  • This dog is living the life!
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