dream kitchen

We have put our house up for sale and have been looking into buying a home vs. building a home. The idea of building a home is definitely appealing, since we would be able to customize a lot of things with a builder. It has me thinking about my dream kitchen.

I have fallen in love with white kitchen cabinets, white subway tile and dark wood floors.




Dream Kitchen



Building is becoming a stronger possibility, which makes me wonder if I can achieve one of the looks above on what will be a much tighter budget than the kitchens above cost. I have seen a lot of white kitchens online that look cheap. We also wouldn't have the dark wood floors to contrast with the white cabinets.

Is this look trendy? Will I hate it in five years? Should I go with a more traditional wood look? These are all questions I have been contemplating. I don't want to go with something that I can't quite achieve or doesn't look good in an open floor plan. Maybe I should wait to see if we even sell our house before I get too worked up. :)
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