Snowed In

Three days ago it was 76 degrees outside. It was a beautiful weekend!
My parents came up and we definitely enjoyed the weather.

Today notsomuch. It is snowing up a storm here. Work and school were canceled yesterday afternoon before the snow even started falling. The news is saying it will be a record breaking storm. Ty had yesterday off and stopped by the store to pick up something I forgot to get while grocery shopping this weekend. He also picked up these beauties. I came home to them in this mason jar and I was so surprised!

Getting Nuts to go outside this morning was no easy task. The snow was built up too high to open the back door.

We made do with the front porch.
It will definitely need to be cleaned off before potential buyers come by. :) Poor Nuts is just too short and sinks into the snow.


Work is canceled tomorrow too! I'm more than happy to be stuck at home.

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