This has definitely been one for the record books. We received 14 inches of snow and then several days later a few more inches. The weathermen are predicting more this coming week. I only worked one day last week--Monday. That is crazy! Ty has gone in a few times for his ER shifts. The roads are terrible, but his car has done really well on them. I have left the house (Ty has driven me) a couple of times for fast food and for a Target run. Thank goodness, my husband recognized the importance of getting me out of the house for my sanity and chose one of my favorite places. :)
I've taken a lot of pictures to document these past several days, most involve Nuts. In fact, this is going to be way too many pictures. oops.

I went through old magazines & tore out inspiration photos.

We decided to get out of the house to walk the roads with Nuts.

We chose to squeeze in between the bushes and the house and avoid the biggest snow drifts.

You can see the snow in our yard went above my knees.


He much prefers this to the snow.


Temperatures finally rose to above freezing on Saturday! Ty was able to shovel our sidewalk.

I did a lot of cooking and baking. I'm going to have to put myself on a diet after this.

I have enjoyed being snowed in and I'm not really looking forward to returning to work tomorrow.
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