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I have taken up a new hobby--knitting. There is a lady I work with (she's in another dept.) who is super crafty and is always showing me her newest projects. She came in my office a couple of months ago wearing the cutest neckwarmer/scarf. She volunteered to teach me how to knit it.
herringbone neckwarmer

I kind of blew it off, because I had tried embroidery a year or so ago and had given up. I realize embroidery and knitting aren't exactly the same, but they both involve needles of some sort. (I need to have my SIL teach me embroidery.)

Emily taught me to knit right before the big snow storm last week, but I messed it up as soon as I got home and couldn't fix it. What a bummer. I had four days off due to the weather and it would have been the perfect time to work on it. I brought my messed up project to her and she fixed it. I started over and messed up again. I had heard about an Oops Clinic at a local yarn store, Loops. It just so happened to be last night. I didn't want to keep taking my project to her everytime I messed up, so I went.

I sat at a table with a worker in his 50s and he fixed what I had messed up and sat with me to make sure I had the hang of things. This store has some of the best customer service I have ever seen. The Oops Clinic was completely free!

Their store is just darling!

They have the cutest playroom for little ones.

Hard to photograph the paint color with my phone, but it actually looks like the lighter shade on the cabinet doors. It matches the chairs that were stacked up in an earlier picture--a beautiful pale turquoise.

What a fantastic playroom color!

My nightstand

I'm such an old lady. :)

If anyone is interested here is the (free) pattern.
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