With Love, Philly

With Love,Philadelphia XOXO
As a PR/Marketing person, I must say I am uber impressed with the city of Philadelphia's tourism campaigns. I love their logo and they have a great website: visitphilly.com

We flew out to Philadelphia on Wednesday and came home late Friday night. It was a whirlwind trip, with Ty taking a seven hour test on Thursday afternoon/evening. I loved every minute of it. I must warn you that most pictures were taken with one of our iPhones. The first part of our trip I left my sd card in my computer, which was in the hotel room. Then, after retrieving it, several hours later my camera battery died. Thank goodness for those iPhones. :)

One of the first things we saw when we got off of the train from the airport was Philly Cupcake.
It made my day!
Philly Cupcake

View from our hotel room
PHL e1

I used my reward points to stay at the Holiday Inn Express Midtown. Best location ever.
PHL e3

First up on our agenda was the historic district: Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, etc.

phl 1

It was cloudy our first day, but it didn't rain on us. The temps were amazing the whole time we were there.

Gorgeous window inside Independence Hall.
phl 10

phl 2

After the historic district, we wandered around the streets by our hotel. We stumbled upon so many neat buildings and sites. I highly recommend staying in the same area.
PHL e7

city hall area
PHL e6

phl 4

PHL e11

PHL downtown

PHL e10

Rachel was so kind and e-mailed her friends that live in Philly for food recs for us. They recommended a place called El Vez and it happened to be right around the corner from our hotel.
We elected to sit outside and enjoy the great weather, knowing we can't do this at home until November. haha.
PHL e4

I had chipotle chicken tacos and Ty had the mahi mahi tacos. Mine were good; his were amazing!
PHL e5 copy

I had planned to write about Thursday as well, but this got a bit lengthy. More to come...
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