With Love, Philly (part two)


Our second day in Philadelphia was also Ty's test day. His test was from 2:00-9:00--such an odd time. I woke up and headed to Rittenhouse Square and Ty stayed in the room relaxing and then preparing for his test.

It was a gorgeous morning. There were people out walking their dogs and small play groups taking place. It was very peaceful.





After enjoying some time in the square, I wandered the surrounding streets, window shopping and browsing through a three story Anthropologie.

We have a friend from high school that lives in the Chesapeake Bay area, in between Philly and Baltimore. She drove into the city and we all went to lunch.

Time for a Philadelphia classic, cheese steak!

Ginger and I went shopping at the biggest mall on the east coast--King of Prussia. Ty's test was actually in Conshohocken and it was on the way to King of Prussia, so we dropped him off. It worked out perfectly and he didn't have to worry about navigating the public transportation by himself and it saved him 20 minutes of travel time. Great shopping at King of Prussia, but there was also great shopping within walking distance of our hotel. I think I would rather shop on the streets of Philly, than be stuck inside at a mall. I would skip this, unless you plan to do some serious shopping.

After shopping we came back to the city and headed to Chinatown. Ginger's family comes to Philly pretty often, and they have a favorite restaurant in Chinatown.

We had duck wraps and some sort of duck dish with fresh green beans. It was delish!

After our early dinner we walked to Franklin Square. It is s very family friendly square with a carousel, a fountain, and mini golf.
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With Phanatic, the baseball team mascot
PHL e12

Next up was Betsey Ross's house. Unfortunately, it had already closed, but it was a cute area.

Later that evening, I walked around by our hotel and got an amazing
frozen hot chocolate from Naked Chocolate Cafe.
I was hoping to get a mani/pedi that evening. I saw a place down the street from where we were staying adverstising a $25 mani and pedi. WHAT?? That is an amazing price. The place was packed the day before, so I'm assuming it was a decent place.
Unfortunately, for me they close at 5. :(

Friday we rented a car and drove to a special destination. I'll recap it tomorrow.
Goodbye Philadelphia!
PHL e13

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