As I mentioned in my last post, I spent 8 days in Utah for a work trip. I had been once before a couple of years ago and it was gorgeous. The beautiful state did not disappoint.
My boss and I traveled all over the state, but our main bases were Salt Lake City and Provo, where BYU is located.

Dinner at Pizzeria 712. Some of the best food I have ever had. Oh so yummy!

09 collage

My hotel and the pathway directly behind it.

Train ride!

The train ride was 3 hours and incredibly long and you went about 10 mph, but the views were gorgeous!





A trip to Ikea was a great way to stretch my legs after the train ride! I love that place!
Ignore the horrible picture from Ikea. I love when restaurants leave water on your table. I drink a lot and love being able to refill my own glass. I decided we needed one at the house.

Thank you google for a better picture!

A beautiful drive on the Alpine Loop on the way to Ikea.
IMG_5340 1


An eventful trip to the Great Salt Lake in a pencil skirt, a silk blouse and a cardigan. It was on the way back to the hotel from a career fair. I wish I would have been in a bathing suit. The water was amazing!

The water was so smooth.

The water was extremely clear. I was standing in the water looking down at the sand. I think the water was about mid-calf. I loved the pattern in the sand.
My legs looked like I had a bad case of dry skin after they had dried off from the water. They were covered in dry salt. So weird!

Yummy mexican food at the Red Iguana.

I love the iPhone app, Hipstamatic!

I was told to go to Hatch Family Chocolates for the best hot chocolate. It was AMAZING! Hands down the best hot chocolate ever. What my sweet blog friend forgot to mention was it was owned by The Little Chocolatiers! I was so shocked when I walked in to see them standing in the store!

My favorite chocolate was a peanut butter truffle with sea salt. Oh so good.

Big thanks to Emma for all the great restaurant recommendations!

I didn't edit a single picture for a couple of reasons.
1. I'm lazy.
2. The landscape is so beautiful. It really doesn't need anything extra.

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