Let me set the scene for this story.
I'm in Ulta. It's a pretty big store.
I'm browsing through the nail polishes which are located at the VERY back of the store.
They don't have what I'm looking for, the fall Essie color cube.
I walk to the front of the store to see if they have any in the back.

The story:
On my walk to the front of the store I encounter a little girl.
LG: Do you love Jesus?
Me: Yes, do you love Jesus.
LG: Yes.

I continue my walk to the registers. There is a line, so I wait to ask my question*.
Little girl follows me.
LG: Have you ever dyed your hair?
Me: Yes.
LG: I want to dye my hair. The girls at school tell me I have ugly hair.
Me: You don't have ugly hair. It is very pretty and so many people would love to have your pretty blonde hair.
What grade are you in?
LG: Kindergarten.
Me: Well, your hair is very pretty and I don't think you should dye it.

Finally, a free sales associate and I proceed to ask my question. They don't have the cube, so I walk to the VERY back of the store to look over my selections. Little girl follows me.

I don't turn around, because I don't want to encourage her. We get to the nail polish and she talks and talks.
Me: Where is your mom?
LG: checking out.
Me: Don't you think she will be worried? You should probably go back up there. I will walk you to the front.

She doesn't think so and continues chatting. Eventually, her mom walks to the VERY back of the store and asks me if her daughter has been talking my ear off. She is very calm. I laugh, a har dee har har, yes she has been talking my ear off and why aren't you more concerned type laugh, and they leave.

UM, does anyone else see the problem with this??? Since when is it okay to let your kindergartner wander around a store by themselves? The mom wasn't able to see her daughter until she got to the VERY back of the store, not only because she is, well a kindergartner and short, but because of the store set up. She also didn't seem the least bit concerned. I think I would have been freaking out!

I felt weird posting her picture, but couldn't resist documenting this weird encounter, so you get the mustache.
*Why can I never find sales people when I actually need them?
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