weekend recap

I returned late Friday night from an eight day work trip in Utah. I took waaaay too many pictures and have yet to decide which are the best. I took Nuts to stay with my parents while I was gone.

My mom watches Mason while my sister is at work, so I got to spend time with him when I dropped Nuts off. I promise he was happy to see me. haha.

I was actually comforting him. He loves to face out and be bounced. He always gives my arms a workout.

I dropped Nuts off on Tuesday the 14th, left for Utah on Thursday the 16th and returned late Friday the 24th. I woke up Saturday morning and headed to my hometown to pick up my puppy. My parents had gone out of town for the weekend and my MIL was kind enough to keep Nuts Friday night. Beverly spoiled Nuts and even let him ride her on her lap while she mowed the lawn.

I got to see Ty's brother, SIL and the boys.
Baby Wade

My MIL and Nathan

I had such a good time hanging out with my sister and of course, Mason!
IMG_5386 copy

He loves bath time!

LeAnn and Justin live in such a pretty area and have great views.


I spent most of today catching up on laundry. I'm so exciting.
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