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I'm sure that some of you have heard about Book Beginnings and Bookends, a new online book club. Rachel and Erin have dreamed up this great idea. I have actually never been a part of a book club. The book looked intriguing and I had been on the hunt for something good, but since reading The Help I haven't been able to find anything that tickled my fancy.

The book they have selected is:
The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes

Or if you are like me and checked the book out at the local library
your cover probably looks like this:

Twenty-eight years ago a North Carolina governor's young, pregnant wife was kidnapped. Now her remains have been found and a man charged with her murder. Only one person -- CeeCee Wilkes -- can refute the charges against him. But CeeCee disappeared years ago . . .

Eve Elliott is a successful therapist to troubled students, a loving wife, a mother deeply invested in her family. But her happiness is built on a lie. When she was a lonely, vulnerable young woman, a single decision made in innocence led to a dark night of unimaginable consequences. Now, forced to confront her past, she faces another terrible choice: reveal to her family that she is not who she seems, or allow a man to take the blame for a crime she knows he did not commit. If the choice affected only her life, Eve is certain she would do what is right. But though inaction means condemning an innocent man, it also means protecting her family from the mistakes of her past.

Corinne Elliott has always known she was different: the only redhead in a family of brunettes, the paralyzing shyness that contrasts with her sister's vivaciousness, the many fears -- of highways, of bridges, of public spaces -- that constrict her daily life. Still, with a new job possibility and a baby on the way, she's found some measure of happiness -- until the day she turns on the television and finds her mother's image on-screen.

Now, as the past explodes into the present, Corinne must confront the secrets she has always intuited, and find answers from the one person who knows the truth of what happened two decades ago -- CeeCee Wilkes.

I wanted you all to know about the book club before it actually started so you could join. If you aren't into book clubs, I would still recommend this book. I'm about half way through it and I can't put it down. I would love to take the afternoon off and curl up with my couch potato of a dog and read, read, read.
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