You know those weekends that seem to last forever? No? Well, we had one of those weekends.
(Ty is studying for boards, so it probably isn't accurate of me to use "we" in the above sentence.)
No plans, no big projects, no rushing--just relaxation. I was bored and it was fabulous.

Ty and I have been paying for the lowest cable plan possible for the last two years, but have been receiving a better package. That ended a couple of weeks ago and I'm refusing to pay $60 more a month. Yes, I'm being cheap, but in order to be able to put any money into savings on our med school budget I'm refusing to pay for tv channels. :) Instead, we signed up for Netflix.

Things that made my weekend wonderful:

I have become obsessed with this show and can't wait for my next disc to arrive in the mail.

We started watching The Tudors, because it is an instant watch through the internet. Ty & I don't agree on too many shows, but this is one we both enjoy.

I'm loving the fruit and veggie stand by our house.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos on my nails

Bought something new for my office: Okie Grown
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