under the sea

While we loved the amazing pool we didn't spend all of our time there. We did get in the ocean.

We tried out the hoby cats. Once by ourselves and once with a guide.



The kayaks were a lot more enjoyable than I thought they would be. It was really nice to float in the middle of the ocean.

This picture proves I didn't make Ty do all the work. I did paddle some. :)

Our favorite thing was our snorkeling trip.

Our snorkeling guide

We swam into a school of fish that looked similar to this little guy. It was one of the most amazing things. We were completely surrounded by fish.

Ty was brave and swam without his life vest.
R1- 0A

We saw a lot of really pretty fish, but it was hard to snap pictures under the water.
R1- 4A

R1- 1A

Our resort on the way back in. We made it back right before the rain.

We still can't quite believe we had to come back to real life. We had the best time and could have stayed much longer than six days.

*several of you asked where I got the red print dress in the post below. I purchased it from lulus.com last year. They are selling it again this year. It can also be found at Alloy and it is on sale right now. I will warn you it is not the highest quality and its pretty thin, but I love it.
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