Big Brothers Big Sisters

I signed up for Big Brothers Big Sisters in March. It is something that I have always wanted to be a part of, but always had an excuse. I realized that I was always going to have an excuse and decided to just bite the bullet and sign up. After an interview and references being called I was matched with a little. We agreed on a date and had our introductions with our case worker on May 19th.

I met my little's mom in the waiting room of BBBS and was immediately put at ease. AC was so easy to talk with and friendly. My little was in a meeting with the caseworker and soon after I arrived we were all invited into the caseworker's office for introductions.

Our picture for the BBBS bulletin board

Isn't she the cutest?! After hearing all of the rules and information, Little and I headed out for a cupcake and to get to know each other. As we were walking into the cupcake bakery, Little hesitantly told me she tried to dress cute for me. It was the sweetest thing ever. It just melted my heart. I think we were both nervous about meeting each other!

The goal is to try to get together 3-4 times a month. We went and saw a movie last week and have big plans on Saturday. Little has a facebook account and we have been sending each messages. She spent the weekend out of town and gave me a call to chat when she got back last night. I love that she is so outgoing! We are having so much fun together and I am looking forward to all of our future "dates"!
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