weekend recap

I spent Saturday hanging out with my Little. We went to the library, played in the park with Nuts, baked cookies and hung out at my house.
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Ty is on a surgery rotation, which means long hours and he worked all weekend. Poor guy didn't even want to go out and do anything for his birthday, so we rented Sherlock Holmes and ate Subway. We will have to do a bigger celebration later.

Today, I mowed the front and back yard. I even used the weed-eater. I have never done this before in my life. Ty bought a new battery weed-eater, and they are supposed to be easier to use. Definitely not as scary looking as our old one. I should have written this down in his b-day card as part of his presents. :) He better not get used to this. I don't mind mowing that much, but I usually only do the back yard. My arms were shaking after I was done with everything! Weed-eating is man's work, just like taking out the trash. heehee.

Aaand, I just wrote a blog post about weed-eating. Hopefully, I can come up with something better than that later this week.
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