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I spent the past week in Atlanta for a work trip. It was a long week and while a lot of things went wrong, it was a good trip. My boss and I were supposed to leave Tuesday morning at 7 and arrive in ATL at noon. Instead, our flight was canceled and we were put on the 11 a.m. flight, arriving in ATL at 5. Then there were a couple of big thunderstorms and we ended up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We sat on the plane for hours before we were allowed off and then drove to ATL and got to a hotel at midnight. Needless, to say this put quite a kink in things and dramatically shortened our side trip to Savannah.

At least we were still able to make a quick trip there. It was gorgeous! I would love to go back and visit Charleston as well.

Love that spanish moss


We had a yummy lunch at the Olde Pink House.
the olde pink house
I had oysters, a crab cake, and fried shrimp with homemade potato chips and fries.

We went on a 90 minute trolley tour and got to see so much of the historic district. Most of these pictures were taken from the trolley.

love these bright orange chairs

I wish I would have taken more pictures while I was on the trolley. I took a lot of pictures of the trees. I loved the romantic feel of the spanish moss hanging from them.

After the trolley tour, we headed to Broughton Street for some shopping. I love stores that I can walk into and just want to stay there forever. I wish I could remember the name of this store, something like CDM Designs.



We went to Tybee Island to dip our toes in the water.


My camera was on a weird setting, but I love the distortion of the water in this pic.IMG_4563

After the quick jaunt to Savannah, it was time for work in Atlanta. Well, it was time for work after a stop at Ballard's Backroom in Atlanta. I wished I lived within close driving distance of this place. They had some good deals on furniture. I just love getting their catalog in the mail.

Ty flew in Thursday evening. It is so nice to have him at recruitment events. He does such a good job and talked for four hours straight at the school fair.

There was a wine tasting reception at the conference and we had such a good time sampling.
We don't drink very often, so we love sampling different types of wine.
My favorite from the evening was Polka Dot. The best part is when I looked it up to find a picture it seems like it is around $10 a bottle.




On Friday Ty and I had enough time to explore Centennial Park and the World of Coke.IMG_4600




The best part about the tour was the tasting room. They had coke products from all over the world to sample.


My favorite was from Korea.


Second favorite--Crush Lemon


Coke bottles designed for fashion week 2009

Missoni coke bottle

We split a hot dog from a street vendor. The pickle was delish on the dog. :)

pretty building

Stopped by the CNN store to see Larry and Anderson.


My sweet husband makes traveling so much more fun. He gets excited about the littlest things and loves to explore airports. I'm so glad he is a good student ambassador and he had a chance to take a few days off of his rotation to come with me.
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