latest book obsession

I love Sophie Kinsella and this book was no exception. It was a great, light read, however it is not my current obsession.

This is my current obsession--The House of Night novels.

house of night

They are young adult books, but oh so good. And like every good young adult book based on vampires. These books were written by a fellow Oklahoman and the characters live in Oklahoma. It is so neat to read about places I have actually been. This must be how big city girls feel! haha. I must warn you though these books are a little more adult than the Twilight series, even though they are young adult books.

I bought the first four books in a boxed set from Amazon.  (which is actually much cheaper than buying them separately) I am on the fourth book and can't stop reading. I love series!

Has anyone else read the House of Night novels?
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