What happens when I'm away

I was in San Francisco last week for work. I tried working on a blog post last night, but it turns out I have used all my photo storing space. Thankfully, some of my twitter friends told me about flickr. And I will be up and running soon!

I think having iPhones is an investment into our marriage. Seriously, Ty never used to text me before getting his iPhone and picture messaging--forget it. Now, we send each other pictures and texts all the time.

He sent me several pictures last week while I was on my trip that made me laugh out loud. What I'm about to show you did not make me laugh. It made me so sad.

A couple of years ago Ty bought Nuts a toy squirrel. It is the only toy that he has never torn up. I think it is because Nuts knows that Ty picked it out for him all own his own. I think he realized that is a big deal and therefore the squirrel became his special toy. The dog doesn't answer when we call his name, but say squirrel and he goes running through the house to find it so he can play.

So needless to say, I was very sad to see this picture.

And this picture.

But when I came home on Saturday the squirrel was in perfect shape. WHAT???
Ty, who is on a general surgery rotation, had performed a miracle on the squirrel, complete with hospital grade sutures.
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