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My Dad participated in a triathlon this past Sunday. I was happy that I had scheduled my return flight from DC for really late Saturday night, not knowing at the time that he would be doing a triathlon the next morning. Ty and I got up even earlier than usual on Sunday morning and went and watched the race. I had never been to a triathlon before (it was my Dad's 2nd) and it was pretty chaotic.

The 400 participants start out swimming and enter the pool every ten seconds. They have a microchip of some sort that tracks their time to see how they finish, since they aren't all starting at the same time.
After the swimming, they run to their bikes and head out.

After the 12 mile bike ride (I think that is right) they finish up with a 2 mile run.
I am quite impressed with my parents. They have always been active, but this past year made a lifestyle change and are eating really healthy and exercising regularly.

I am heading to San Fransisco in a couple of weeks and need help planning my trip. It is unlike me to not have done any of my own research and that is where I need your help. What do I need to see, do, eat, etc?
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