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My recent reads or in some cases recent listens:

I still haven't seen the movie, but I really enjoyed the book. I had heard mixed messages about the The Loveley Bones and I'm glad I decided to give it a try for myself. It was a great listen!
I had heard great things about this book, American Wife, through the blogvine*.
I listened to it as well and it started a little slow, I enjoyed the middle, and the end seemed to drag. But that could have been because I was listening to it, instead of reading it. I know a lot of people liked it, so I think it is worth a shot if you are interested.

This book, Loving Frank, appeared in a People magazine a year or two ago and I filed it away in mind. I was looking for a book for my DC trip and came across this at Target. I was excited to read it, because Frank Lloyd Wright had an impact here in Oklahoma.
It was an interesting read and very different from my usual chick lit. It gives a somewhat historical and mostly fictional account of FLW's affair. It was much darker than I usually prefer, but I did like it.

After Loving Frank, I needed a good chick lit book. I found this book, The Little Lady Agency, at a used bookstore Ty and I visited. It was very cute and the best part is that it is part of a series. I love books in series! And Sophie Kinsella says it is "Deliciously Witty." Enough said.

Next up on my list:

The Help

Little Bee

*Ty recently coined the term blogvine after listening to me say, Oh I read about that on a blog. Now whenever I mention anything new he asks me if I heard that from my blog friends. What can I say? You all blog about great things!
Has anyone read these? Any other books I need to add to my queue?
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