5 months

You are five months old! These months are flying by so fast. This was an interesting month for us, because your daddy worked a whole month of nights. He was really sad to only get to see you for a few minutes every day.


You are a very content, happy baby. This is something that I prayed for--a happy, healthy baby. You wake up happy and smile quite a bit. Well, until I get the camera out and then you typically close up shop. 

 You discovered your feet this month. Built in toys! You are always grabbing for them. Of course, your dad and I think it is the cutest thing. Speaking of cute, you laughed this month! Daddy found your tickle spot and we were both home to hear your laughter. It was the sweetest sound. You love to sit up and stand with our help. Sometimes we joke that you will walk before you crawl.  

Just this past week, you have become so observant. You are really picking up on things around you and not just the toys in front of you. It is so fun to point things out to you and have you focus on them. You especially like it when I'm holding you and I take a drink. Your little hands reach for that glass and you act like you want a drink so bad. Your hands are constantly moving and we now hold hands while you are nursing. (Otherwise, you are clawing at the air.) I think it is the sweetest thing. You grab at anything within your reach and are especially fond of my hair. (I don't think that is sweet. ha.) You love toys that dangle down from above you. Recently, you love to chew on Sophie the Giraffe and play with this ball that lights up, makes noise, and moves on its own. It can hold your attention for quite a while. You have started grunting when you are playing and concentrating really hard. 

DSC00918 copy

You still take naps in your swing and at night you are in your crib. You are still being swaddled. We tried to stop, but you were so unhappy, and couldn't stay asleep without it. You are mostly sleeping through the night, and start stirring around 4 am. Usually a trip to your room to put your pacifier in your mouth does the trick. There are times where I'll bring you back to bed with me. You love being snuggled up next to me. You have started to rub your eyes when you get sleepy. Like everything that you do, I think it is adorable. 


 Jack, you celebrated your first Thanksgiving at my Uncle Darryl's and Aunt Laura's house. Your daddy had to work that day, but we went home after he got off for the weekend. Your cousins were so excited to see you. We also learned that you will have a new cousin coming in April, in addition to baby Blakley due in March. You are going to have lots of friends to play with when we visit. 


 I can't begin to describe the amount of joy you bring to our lives. Your big, gummy smile melts our hearts. I know each month is going to bring about more and more fun. 

 Love, Mommy 

Weight: 14 lbs
Height: We will find out at your 6 month appt.
Clothes: 3 months, 6 months footed sleepers
Diaper: size 1
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, munchkin

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