Sharing the News

Sharing the news of this precious baby with Ty and then with our families was so special!
I found out on November 13 that I was pregnant. I took a test early that evening and didn't think much of it. I had taken quite a few tests leading up to this month, and had my heart broken every time. The two lines appeared and I started shaking. I couldn't quite believe it was true. Ty worked that entire weekend and was coming home in about 30 minutes. It was the longest 30 minutes ever. I got my surprise ready for him and then ran back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom to make sure I had read the test correctly.

I was able to video the entire thing with my iPhone, although the majority of it is out of focus. It was the first time to use the video camera on my phone. He walked in the door and I told him that I had baked him something and he should look in the oven. I had a hamburger bun sitting in there.

He was a little unsure of what it meant at first, but then it dawned on him. It was such a special moment! Later that evening I ran out for a couple more tests just to be sure. :)

We waited to tell our families at Christmas when I was 10 weeks. We told Ty's family first since we do Christmas Eve with them. Ty is one of four children and there are four grandchildren, so it is always a full, active house. We decided the only time we could ensure that everyone was in the same room and quiet would be before dinner. Ty said the prayer and at the end he prayed for me and this sweet baby! Everyone's reaction was priceless! There were lots of hugs and some tears of happiness!

The next day we shared the news with my family. My brother, sister, and I make my mom a photo calendar every year for Christmas. I usually upload all the pictures into the calendar and place the order. I snuck this photo into July, which is my due date month.

It took my mom a minute to figure it all out and my sister actually spotted it first. They are so excited about adding another baby to our family!

I wish I would have been able to get pictures of everyone's reactions. This is going to be a very loved little boy!

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