weekend recap

Ah, the weekend. They are never long enough, are they?

Friday night we headed downtown to see all the NCAA tournament excitement. We didn't have tickets, but the city had tents set up outside the arena with big televisions and food vendors. We had Brownie's Hamburgers for dinner and it was delish!

I could definitely go for one of those cheeseburgers right about now.

Saturday I took my BBBS little sister to a children's museum. The museum has a small city set up where the kids can grocery shop, run a restaurant, be a doctor, postman, hair stylist, etc.
I wish this ice cream cone in the "restaurant" would have been real!

After church on Sunday, I went to Megan's to work on our cookie skills. We have both been wanting to learn how to use royal icing on cookies and finally got around to doing it. We gave up on piping around each cookie and only flooded the cookies. I think they still turned out cute!

Ty isn't working any weekends this month for his ICU rotation and it has been great! We have had so much fun just hanging out with each other.
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