weekend at home

Ty has a great schedule this month on his ICU rotation and we were able to go home this weekend to visit our families. On our way to our hometown, we got to stop at the hospital and meet sweet, little Eli and see Megan & Luke. He is the tiniest thing!
He is in his going home outfit--so sweet.

I hadn't seen my nephew since Christmas and I was so excited to spend some time with him. He is crawling and has become very vocal. No words yet, just lots of cute sounds.

My Mom, sister and I went shopping on Saturday and wore Mason out!

We spent Saturday evening celebrating Ty's sister's birthday. I didn't snap a single picture of the birthday girl or any of the little munchkins. There is always so much activity with four little ones running around.

The weather was gorgeous all weekend, but windy as usual. Ty's parents live in a secluded valley and they don't get hardly any wind down there, so LeAnn brought Mason over to play outside. We had so much fun swinging, jumping on the trampoline and riding the golf cart.



Ty and Lillian exploring the creek.

We always have such a good time visiting with each of our families! The weekends at home always go by way too fast.
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