iPhone randoms

It is so easy to snap pictures with my phone and I hardly ever use my camera anymore. I need to break that habit, because my phone doesn't take the best pictures. It is just so convenient though. Here's to a random post of iPhone pictures!

We got our CD of pictures from our photographer in the mail!

That isn't us in the picture. I just loved the details of the CD case she uses. It's the PR and marketing in me!
I love having all the pictures on a CD to upload to my computer. I printed a 4x6 of them all at Mpix and the quality of the photos was great! Alli, our photog, recommended the site and I will definitely be using it again. The pictures were printed on thicker photo paper and had a perfect finish--not too shiny.

Ashley and I bought a great deal on living social for a mani/pedi and cashed it in a couple of weeks ago. It was oh so nice.

Megan gave the sweetest present a few weeks ago. I really wanted to watch Love Actually at Christmas time, but it was on a really long wait with Netflix. Now, I won't have to worry about that!

Breaking in my new shoes!

Super sale from the Gap + a rewards card=$3 shoes

Enjoying a cake pop from Starbucks!

I need to make cake balls asap.

Trying to decide on a mini colander color from Anthro for my SIL's birthday

This is a great colander, because it easily fits in the dishwasher. My mom and I both have one and I hope my SIL enjoys hers. It is so much easier to use this for small jobs, because it doesn't take up hardly any room in the dishwasher!

One more nephew picture! I'm sure y'all didn't see enough yesterday.

He played with those gatorade bottles for the longest time.

I have to brag on my husband for a minute. He went to the grocery store for me yesterday! I gave him a big, long list and he found every last item. He is the sweetest. Maybe I shouldn't really be bragging about this one thing, because he doesn't really mind doing things like this and I just made it seem like he never does nice things. I should probably just tell you that it was a major accomplishment on my part in releasing control and trusting someone else to do my shopping. I have major issues! ha!
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