Welcome 2011

Our theme for last year seemed to be travel. Definitely a theme I wouldn't mind sticking around! This year's theme is sure to be change. Ty will graduate from medical school and start residency. Oh my goodness, these events seemed like such a distant future when he started school and now it is almost here.

In February, we will find out where we will spend the next five years as Ty completes his residency training. We have had lots of discussions about what to do with our house if we stay where we are and what we will need to do to sell it if we move. So many decisions.

July will mark Ty's start date and that will bring about all sorts of new experiences for us. There will be a lot of adjusting and adapting to a new schedule. This summer could mean a move for us and job hunting for me depending on where we end up for residency.

Maybe, just maybe there will be time to fit in some traveling before residency starts.

One thing that I hope to continue this year is blog designing. I have so enjoyed this hobby that turned into a business. I have had a pretty consistent wait list since June and I'm so thankful that other people like my designs. I've definitely had some moments where I've doubted myself and wondered why people would choose me to do their blog designs. I'm self-taught and I usually don't think of myself as very artistic or creative. But someone liked my work and then it has just seemed to spread, like so many things in this blog world do. I hope that 2011 is just as successful. Thank you all for supporting me!
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