We are pretty much consumed with all things house right now, which would explain my lack of anything exciting on the ol' blog. I think we finally have everything spic & span and all projects have been accomplished. Ty's parents came up on Saturday and helped us out tremendously. We could not have accomplished, so much if it wasn't for them.

I just remembered my parents are coming up this weekend to help us with a couple of things. So much for saying that all the projects were done. The things that are left are small things my dad and Ty are doing together, and shouldn't require my help. I doubt they would even ask for my help. I'm not the best helper.

See I told you. All things house.

fresh flowers for the open house

The open house was not successful. Not a single soul came. We weren't too surprised. Does anyone even go to open houses anymore? We never did when we bought this house, but maybe that is just us. The good news is two different people have come by to view the house in the last couple of days.

Last thing about the house and then I'm done. I swear. I think I confused some people by saying we were selling our house. We don't know yet if we are moving for residency, but we decided that even if we stay we want to sell it. Ty finds out on Valentine's Day where he matched for residency. Valentine's Day will be known as Match Day at our house. Maybe if I'm lucky we will celebrate both. I sure hope so, because I've got my eye on this.


I did find a few minutes this weekend to give myself a blog makeover. My design blog needed something new. Go check it out along with a new pre-made template for sale.

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