Happy First Birthday!

You are one! This has been the fastest year of my life. Each month brought so much love and lots of fun to our lives. Before I get all weepy about you turning one, let's recap the past month.

Somehow you have become a toddler. I swear it happened overnight. You are such a sweet boy who loves to give hugs and hold my hand. Yesterday at church, Daddy picked you up from the nursery (which you don't seem to care for) and brought you back into the auditorium for the closing song. You reached for me and immediately went in for a kiss. It was so cute!


Reading has been the theme for this past month. You have always loved to read, but that love grew by leaps and bounds this month. Anytime I am sitting on the floor you will go grab a book and sit yourself down in my lap for me to read. You have your favorites and have started to vocalize when you want me to read a certain book again (and again and again). Mouse's First Halloween (you love the eeek! parts) is your favorite book. You have started to mimic the mooo sound in one of your farm animal books. It's not quite a mooo yet, but you are trying.

You are trying so hard to communicate. If something is not going your way you will arch your little back and try to throw a tantrum. We haven't had any all out tantrums yet, but I know they are coming. To help combat miscommunication between us, we have started to teach you a few baby signs. You have caught on to "more" and "eat". You have also started pointing at things that you want.


Just this past week you have really taken off in the food department and are eating more food and less baby food. You tried and liked hummus, nutella toast, and squash & corn from our favorite summer veggie and chicken tostadas.  I am trying to get you to eat more meat and tonight made you quesadillas from our pork tacos. You were a big fan. Your favorites are watermelon, peppers, mum mums, fruit pouches, cheerios, and apple slices.

You aren't too interested in your current toys and I think it is time to put some of them away. You would much rather play with things like your Daddy's belts, or Nuts' food and water bowls. We have to keep several doors in the house closed off to you and if one of them happens to be open then you take off so fast toward that room. You really like your Pottery Barn Kid's chair and you look like such a big boy sitting in it.


You love to play chase. It gets you so excited that you can't even walk and you just fall down. Peek-a-boo and being tickled are other things that you love right now. You have a couple of Fisher Price apps on your phone (my old iPhone) and on our iPads, and you love them. You are going to be a high tech baby! You also love the tv show, Bubble Guppies, and have started to dance to it and other songs and sounds that you hear.

Being outside is something that you love! Going on walks, swinging in your swing or being on the back porch is something that will keep you occupied for a long time. You have started to request bubbles and are slowly figuring out that you should try to pop them.You continue to try to be friends with Nuts and he is warming up to you. He will at least come around to give you a lick. :)

(You and the alligator slowly slid off the chair. I thought it was so funny, because it looks like the alligator is trying to hold you down.)

You have adapted nicely to your new daycare. I think you love being around the "big" kids. You are part time with Miss Joanie this summer and Danielle takes care of you two days a week. You are such a good napper for them and nap for an hour in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. I think being around all the big kids wears you out. You seem to be thriving with them.

You HATE bath time. It is the weirdest thing, because you used to love it. There have been a few nights where you have been fine in the bath tub, but if I wash your hair it is all over at that point. I introduced you to brushing your teeth and you love it. I let you do it and I'm so proud that you actually want to do it and can actually move it around and somewhat get those (4) teeth clean.When it is time to put the toothbrush up you get quite upset.

You don't really care to be rocked anymore. You cry for a bit when we put you in your crib, but then you fall right to sleep. I miss rocking you! You are a good sleeper and sleep through the night. You have discovered the video monitor and it's funny to see you walk right up to it. 

 Jack, you bring so much joy to our lives. You are such a sweet boy who loves to smile. I am excited to see you continue to change and grow. Just don't grow up too fast, baby boy. Thank you for making this the best year yet!

We love you!

Weight: 18 lbs
Height: 27 1/4 in
Clothes: mostly 9 month clothing, 6 month shorts, 12 month jon jons, 9-12 month jammies
Diaper size: 3
Nicknames:  Jack Attack, Jackie Jack, sweet boy, sugar bear

A year in review

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