I have a very strong love for chocolate chip cookies. The Great American Cookie Factory at the mall...oh my, I love that place. The double doozie is my cookie of choice: two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched in between icing. If you haven't had one before, you must!

I had ordered a dozen crab shaped sugar cookies for Jack's birthday party, but based on the number of people that were going to be at the party I felt that I needed more. I decided to make double doozies. The lady making the crab cookies made me an extra dozen cookies by mistake, so I ended up with plenty of cookies. The double doozies were the first to go though!


I wanted to make the double doozies match the theme, so I purchased red, white, navy and blue m&m's. I also wanted to make them the easiest way possible. We traveled three hours with all the party supplies and I knew that once we got to our hometown I wouldn't want to spend time making icing and cookies, on top of spending time with family and getting ready for the party. I also knew that I wouldn't have time to do a lot of prep before we left for our hometown.

I went the easy route and bought cookie dough and the icing. Did you know you could buy icing from Target's bakery?! It is delish! I baked the cookies for 5 minutes at the recommended temperature, took them out and put m&m's on the top. Then, put them back in the oven for 5 more minutes to continue baking.


After they had cooled I used an XL baking tip and put icing on the back of one cookie and added another cookie to make a sandwich. Easy peasy!

Jack's birthday party can be viewed here and here.

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