Ruler Growth Chart

I have been wanting an oversized ruler growth chart for a while. I had browsed Etsy and pinned a few tutorials on Pinterest, I had talked to my Dad about making one, etc. But I could never quite take any action. The ones I had found on Etsy ranged from $45-$90 and that did not include shipping. As you can imagine, shipping on a piece of wood that measures 6.5 feet tall can get pretty pricey. The idea of actually following through on a DIY...well, let's just say I know better.


It turns out Kirkland's is selling them! I jumped all over that and called my nearest store to see if they had any in stock. (My mom had been to a Kirkland's the day before and didn't see any, so I called my store to make sure they had one, so as to not waste a trip.) They had two in stock, so we drove over Saturday morning in Ty's small SUV to pick it up. There was no way that thing would have fit in my car.

A screenshot from Kirkland's website:
The ruler is $39.99. 

I'm so pleased with the look of it. It is exactly what I had been wanting. I envision moving the growth chart with us from house to house, full of my children's measurements. Then, when I'm old and gray marking my grandchildren and them comparing their measurements to their parents. Too many expectations for a ruler? I think not. :)


I'm not going to lie, this thing was a pain to hang up. Poor Ty. He hates when I suggest purchasing items like this. He knows exactly how much work he is going to have to do. You have to do some measuring to make sure it is somewhat accurate in order to take your child's measurements on the ruler. It is not going to be precise, but it is more about charting their growth than having precise yearly measurements. It will be close though. It also has two drilled in hooks that you have to line up. I'm not explaining it very well, but I didn't think to take a picture until after it was on the wall. I didn't think Ty would appreciate me asking to take it down for a picture of the back of the ruler. Even if I had asked, his answer would have been NO. :)
Don't let that stop you from buying it. Just wanted to give fair warning, that if your significant other would be hanging it for you then you may need to butter him up beforehand.

Jack checking it out before bath time.

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