Jack's First Christmas, part 1

Jack had a great first Christmas! It started with just our family on the 22nd, and despite my being sick it was a great morning.

Checking out his stocking stuffers!

Picking up Daddy's present to give to him

The paper is fun!


Our Christmas breakfast!

This was the first year in our marriage that we bought each other gifts. We decided during medical school to forgo gifts to each other, so we could buy for our families. Last year, with Ty being in residency and earning a small salary we bought each other stocking stuffers. This year we did both stockings and gifts. Moving up in the world. hahaha.

I started running a fever on Saturday and had to stay away from Jack as much as possible. We decided at the last minute to pack up and head home a day early. I could be sick anywhere and this way Ty had help with Jack and got to spend time with family. It was a good decision and I finally started feeling better a couple of days later on Christmas Eve.

Celebrating Christmas with a baby brought so much happiness and excitement! I can't wait until next year when he will be more aware of what is happening.
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