Jack's first Christmas, part two

We spent Christmas Eve with Ty's family and Christmas day with my family. It is so nice to have everyone in the same town. It makes the holidays so much easier.

Sunday night Santa came to visit all the kids at Ty's parent's church. Jack got to chat with the big man.

Christmas Eve pictures:
Jack with his stocking and all his goodies.

Jack and Granddad enjoying the quiet before the rest of the family arrives. Doesn't Jack look like an old cowboy with his red butt flap jammies and cowboy boots?

Jack and Wade
All the boys love to be in just their underwear. It cracks me up.

Jack really wanted Lillian's Barbie.

With Aunt Amy


Jack met Great-Grandad Connie for the first time. Jack loved his glasses.


We were supposed to head to my parent's house on Christmas day. The big talk was snow for Christmas. Well, around 1 am Jack was awake and fussy and we heard it start to rain. We were afraid it was going to turn to freezing rain, and we did not want to travel on icy roads. Even if it is a less than 10 minute drive. We made the decision to pack up and head to my parent's house. Thankfully, my mom was still up and my parents were happy to see us (or really Jack) even if it was the middle of the night. Jack's first Christmas was a white Christmas! It was way too cold and windy to get him out in it, but it was definitely fun to see snow!

Mason and Jack



I packed a lot of cute Christmas outfits for Jack, but he (and I) work pajamas the majority of the time.

Uncle Derek and Jack watching YouTube videos.

Jack & Grandpa

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