6 months

You are becoming such a big boy! 6 months old! This month has brought about a lot of changes in you. It makes me so sad that you aren't my tiny baby anymore. When I carry you around you push away from me and want to be facing out. You are so curious about everything around you.

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You had a lot of firsts this month: your first Christmas, first bout of sickness (ear infection & a cold), first taste of oatmeal cereal, and sitting up on your own. You love to stand with assistance and just the past couple of days have started sitting on your own for short periods of time. You moved up to the next baby classroom at daycare. I think you miss your old teacher Miss Sally, but you love all the activity in your new room.

I have been waiting to start you on cereal until I felt you were showing signs of being ready and that happened right after you turned 6 months. You have become very observant while we are eating. The other day I was drinking out of a cup with a straw and you ripped the straw out of my mouth and stuck it in yours. We got a cute video of you eating for the first time. You thought it was pretty tasty. You have started playing with your pacifier and can take it out and put it back in. You have also started to hold your bottle at daycare and at your night time bottle with Dad.

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You love playing with your feet and have started sucking on your toes. You have discovered your tongue and are always moving it around with your mouth closed. It is quite amusing to see you working hard on something with your mouth closed. We aren't quite sure what you are doing, but you do it frequently.

Jack, you are our happy boy and freely give away smiles. You are still pretty stingy with those giggles. You got several new toys for Christmas and you love that they are interactive. You are chewing on everything and have become interested in chewing on our fingers. Nuts is now on your radar, and I'm not sure he is too happy about it. We play "chase" him around the living room. I bet the word "gentle" will be used a lot in the coming years.

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My favorite part of the day is when your daddy arrives home from work. You give the biggest smiles and are just so happy to see him.

As sad as I am to see little pieces of being a baby disappear I look forward to each new milestone. We love you, baby boy. You are such a joy!


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Weight: 14 lbs, 4 oz (4th percentile)
Height: 26.6 inches (52nd percentile)
Clothes: 3-6 months, 6 months footed sleepers
Diaper: size 1
Nicknames: Jack Attack, sugar bear, munchkin, baby Jack, sweet boy, and your cousins have started calling you Jackie.
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