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I had so many people travel to be at the shower, and my sister-in-law, Heather, even came in from Houston! It meant a lot that people took time out of their day or their weekend to be here to celebrate my growing family. I missed getting pictures of a few people, and like I already wrote in my last post I wish it could have lasted all day. (I added the links for the punch recipes to my last post.)

top: Me and Megan; My sisters-in-law, Amy, Heather and Sarah and mother-in-law, Beverly. 
So happy they all made the trip!

Middle: Sorority sisters--Lisa, Lacey and Lauren; Me and Megan
Bottom: more sorority sisters--Kelsey and Chesley; Me and Joy


My sister, Mom, and Mason. Someone wasn't too excited about taking a picture.


1. Me and Chesley 2. Me and Emily 3. Me and Ashley

My best friend from high school, Chelsey. We are 7 weeks apart in our pregnancies and both having boys.


The amazing hostesses!

top row, left to right: Whitney, Chesley, me, Megan, Jessica, Sarah
bottom row, left to right: Megan, Katie, LeAnn, Jane
Chelsey was also a hostess, but somehow got left out of the picture. At least, we got our bump picture. :)

I cannot thank these girls enough! They made me feel so loved and I'm very thankful for their friendship!
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