Bumpdate: 13 weeks

13 weeks-1

How Far Along: 13 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 2-3 lbs. It fluctuates each morning.

Maternity Clothes: Wore the bella band for the first time and I love that thing. The jeans in the pic above are maternity. I only have a couple of pairs of regular jeans that are still comfortable. Definitely more of a bump this week!

Gender: ???

Movement: Not yet.

Sleep: Still can't get enough, but I'm not as exhausted as I once was.

What I miss: Nothing really. Well, maybe not getting headaches. They are never ending.

Cravings: I haven't had any strong, must-have-it now cravings, but I did eat nachos covered in jalapeno juice at the movies on Sunday. (I don't like the actual jalaps.) I could definitely eat some more of those!

Other crazy symptoms: Headaches! I am experiencing some sciatica pain. It hurts to sit at work for very long. Stretching has helped and I've had Ty and Megan, a student, work on me some. Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing, but it is also crazy what it does to your body. I think it is so interesting.

Best Moment this week: It was a good week and I have several good moments.
-I had a test done on Monday where they did some measurements via an ultrasound. I got to watch my baby on the big screen for 15 minutes. It was precious!
-I had a couple of students ask if they could throw me a shower at the school. Um, yes! I was so excited/flattered that they wanted to do that for me and the baby!
-Ty got to come to a doctor's appointment. I didn't think we would get to see the little sweet pea, but the doctor walked in with his handheld ultrasound machine. Ty saw our baby for the first time!
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